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Larger glazing means increased weight, prompting the introduction of lift-and-slide doors. These doors are ingeniously crafted to support extensive glass areas, smoothly sliding with minimal exertion. They can also be secured in the open position, enabling you to ventilate your home while maintaining security.

Aluminium Lift and Slide Doors Key Features

Featuring ultra-slim sightlines and a modern contemporary look

Crafted from high-grade, durable yet lightweight aluminium

Equipped with high-performance hardware as standard, such as a concealed multi-point locking system for added security, stainless steel rollers for seamless operation, and a distinctive pop-out handle for a sleek finish

Our bifolds offer versatile configurations, allowing doors to open inward or outward

Option available for an integrated deep head outer frame profile for easy trickle ventilation installation

Incorporating a unique thermal break design to exceed current thermal regulations

Various cill and threshold options to suit various installation scenarios

Offers industry-leading turnaround times

Backed by a 10-year guarantee

Why choose Aluminium Lift and Slide Doors?

Sliding doors serve as an excellent glazing solution for rooms offering scenic views and easy access to the outdoors. Unlike bifolds and French doors that have more visible lines, sliding patio doors provide unobstructed views with extensive glass areas.

When comparing lift and slide doors to standard sliding doors, the former offer additional advantages. The key difference lies in their operation. By turning the handle, you can lift and lower the panels on the track, allowing for smoother movement and the option to secure the door in an open position. This feature is perfect for letting fresh air in while maintaining home security.

Lift and slide doors not only enhance weather performance and thermal efficiency but also provide a better-fitting seal. With their attractive design, effortless operation, and the performance benefits of aluminum, AluFold Direct's Lift and Slide Doors are the perfect choice for a seamless and efficient home upgrade.

Reliable and durable

Aluminum stands out for its exceptional durability, lightweight nature, and strength, making it an ideal choice for producing bifold doors. In contrast to timber or uPVC, aluminum is a highly stable material that experiences minimal contraction and expansion with temperature changes. This stability helps prevent door frames from warping, ensuring smooth sliding open and close movements over time.

Low maintenance

Our aluminum door frames and components are safeguarded from the elements and do not need treatment or repainting. Unlike steel frame doors, our aluminum frames are corrosion-resistant and further shielded by a special coating, ensuring durability even in challenging conditions like marine environments.

Energy saving

Recent technological progress has made aluminum door frames equally energy-efficient as timber or uPVC options, all while maintaining a sleek and stylish design. Our bifold doors feature slimline aluminum frames that enable a larger glass opening, inviting more natural light into the area and potentially lowering energy costs.

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