UPVC Scrappage Scheme

Get up to £2,000* off on all your Veka uPvc windows & doors and help create a greener, more sustainable environment

Our partners, Veka, have worked hard over the last decade on perfecting the recycling of uPvc windows and doors

VEKA take pride in offering a uPVC windows recycling and uPVC Doors recycling service to home improvement specialists in the UK. We started our market leading initiative in the UK in 2007 and have been working to perfect our entire recycling process in the decade that has passed since. Typically, when uPVC products reach their ‘end of life’, they are thrown on the overstretched landfills. We sought to change that, valuing the material’s long lifespan and versatility, as well the lack of maintenance it requires. It’s simply too valuable to be dumped.

As a result, we worked to create our market leading closed loop recycling process for old uPVC doors. Once they have reached the end of their 30-40 year lifespan, we can shred and compress the materials into pellets. These can be extruded into uPVC which can be used in new high grade products. This process can be repeated up to ten times, meaning one window frame or door could be used for over 300 years. With this, we can realistically sustain the amount of uPVC in the UK indefinitely. What’s more, we use an environmentally friendly recycling process, from collection through to pelletising.

Why Recycle Old Windows?

When you recycle old windows, you can save money for your business and get other benefits. If you currently throw your old window frames away, you’ll know that it requires money and effort to do this. You’ll also either have to pay a contractor to take your old uPVC to a landfill site or do it yourself, costing even more time.

With VEKA, you can take away this hassle. As well as that, our recycling is far better for our planet. Because uPVC is a form of plastic, it could take hundreds of years to degrade properly. That means you’ll be creating unnecessary waste and spending more money on doing so.

As well as that, recycling can give your old windows a new lease of life. Instead of throwing them away, you can reuse your frames in new windows. Thanks to our closed-loop process, they’ll be as effective and durable as before, meaning they can benefit multiple homes in their lifespan.

Because of this, you can cut down on your uPVC costs massively. As well as reducing the cost of waste, you’ll also need less uPVC to run your business, saving you even more money. That way, you can continue to provide your customers with fabulous windows, but also grow your business.

That way, everybody can benefit when you recycle old windows. With VEKA Recycling, you’ll work with a partner that gives you the best recycling benefits. We can not only help our planet by reducing our waste and emissions, but we’ll also help your business and your customers to thrive.

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