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We all know that gutters are vital for the protection of our homes. Gutters have one major role, and that is to divert water away from your property and onto the most appropriate area outside your house so that it can drain away safely. Without a well-maintained and effective guttering system, your home can face all sorts of major, long-term, costly, issues

By channelling water away from your home, gutters protect the siding, windows, doors and foundation from damage. They also help to reduce ice accumulation. When clogged or broken, they can cause a multitude of issues. Water is likely to run underneath the shingles and down the siding leading to roof, building and foundation damage. Do you need to replace roof gutters? uPVC guttering is low cost and easy to install. Higher-priced wood and cast-iron options are also available. We are happy to explain the pros and cons of each type during your consultation..

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What is a Roof Gutter and Why Do You Need One?

While many homeowners may not be familiar with all the names and terminology of each part of a roof, most know what gutters are. Essentially, a gutter is a type of shallow trough which runs all the way around your roof, just below the edge. When it rains, your guttering will channel the rainwater away so that it is taken somewhere the water can’t cause damage.

But, why do you need a gutter? What is wrong with the rainwater simply falling from your roof and onto the ground? Here are the main reasons you need a gutter on your home, and why you need to ensure it is properly maintained.

Foundation problems

Pooling water around your foundations can cause issues with the very structure of your home.

Damage to your walls and paintwork

Water could be seeping down your exterior walls and causing damage.

Damp basement

If your home features a basement, you could find that water is getting in as a result of guttering issues.

Damage to your landscaping

Water run-off in the wrong places can damage your garden or driveway.

How to Determine If You Need a Gutter Repair or Replacement

So, if you do think you may have an issue with your guttering, what are the signs to look out for?

Expert gutter fitters will be able to help you determine what is causing any problems and whether you need to consider gutter repairs or a gutter replacement to ensure your home is protected from the elements. Contact us for a free quote.

Peeling paint

Cracks and holes

Sagging gutter

Pooling water

Eroded landscaping

What Might Cause Damage to Your Gutters?

There are many reasons why your gutters may have become damaged and may no longer be performing their job as they should. It could simply be that your guttering is showing its age and suffering from general wear and tear. It could be that there were installation issues, or the materials used do not suit the structure of your home. Or, your gutters may have suffered specific damage.

Your guttering system could have become damaged because of extreme weather such as heavy snow, high winds or a storm. Whatever the reason your gutters have been damaged, we would highly recommend that gutter repairs or replacement is carried out as soon as possible to protect the rest of your home.

What Should Your Guttering be Made of? Is uPVC Guttering a Good Option?

Your choice of guttering can impact not only the look of your home but can also have a huge impact on whether your property is protected and watertight. So, is there one type of material to choose which is better than another or is there a full range of choices? Guttering can come in all different types of materials and there are pros and cons to each.

Some of the most popular materials are aluminium, copper, steel, and even wood if a very rustic look is desired. However, many householders are now choosing uPVC as their guttering material of choice, and for good reason. Here are some of the reasons you will wish to consider a uPVC gutter:



Easy to maintain:


Different style and colour options:

uPVC Fascia vs Wood Fascia Board Options

Wood fascia can be subject to rot, particularly if they have been in place for a number of years. This can mean that your roof is exposed to damage, and that the look of your home is unsightly.

This is one of the major reasons that uPVC has become such a popular choice for fascia. As a material, uPVC requires less maintenance and becomes a more cost-effective choice. Furthermore, uPVC fascia boards come with numerous advantages such as improved aesthetics, very low maintenance, durability, a wide range of colours, and the availability of decorative boards on the market.

uPVC fascia is also often referred to as a PVC fascia board or plastic fascia board. Whatever name you give it, there are many great reasons to switch to uVPC fascia. So, if yours is due for a replacement, changing to uVPC can save you money in the long run, as not only do they look smart, but you will incur far fewer maintenance costs.

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