Customer Showcase; Do You Know How important your roofline is?

21 May

It may seem obvious, but the roof of your home is the single most important feature. While the style often seems the be-all and end-all, it’s paramount that your property is safe and protected. From leaking gutters, rotten materials, to damaged wall cladding, there are a host of problems waiting. Ensure your roofline materials are safe and fit for purpose. Prevent your dream home from turning into a house of horrors. Each month on the blog we show the results our customers have had. This month we’re talking roofline!


Your roof protects your home and family from the elements all year round which is why it’s on our radar. It’s important that rot doesn’t get the chance to set in and cause damage to your home. When your roofline is made from traditional timber fascia, soffits and cladding, they rot over time. It’s inevitable, even if you work to maintain and regularly paint them.

Make your life easier while saving both time and money with effective solutions from The Home Design Group. Our weather-resistant, maintenance free PVC roofline and cladding does not need to be painted, scraped or fixed up.

This customer wanted to replace his old roofline, cladding and gutters while making a smart choice. They wanted a hassle-free choice of materials that are stylish, durable and won’t rot or fade. While having a consultation with the team, we discovered he wanted an option with no regular upkeep. Our solutions mean painting or maintenance is a thing of the past. After completing the job, this customer is very happy with his new home and a glance around the neighbourhood shows that his property stands out for being stylish, smart and looking well-maintained.

We’re delighted to offer this service to our customers and we wish this customer all the best in his newly revamped home. See more about our roofline products here.


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