French Doors make a huge improvement to any room. At The Home Design Group our uPVC doors are made by VEKA to the highest standard. We are proud members of the Independent Network of installers. Updating your home with a secure pair of stylish French Doors changes the dynamic of any room. This update makes a room feel larger with the illusion of more space. Open up your home to beautiful views and brighter space with new French Doors from The Home Design Group.

Choosing your French Doors

Usually customers place their French Doors to the rear of the house to allow family rooms to be linked to the garden for an elegant look. This also sets your home apart from the neighbours and is also an energy efficient solution too. Most importantly, our uPVC doors are made to the highest levels of energy efficiency possible. Firstly, choose from thermally-efficient reinforced door panels to heat-conserving double or triple glazing options. Because we want you to be safe in the knowledge that we always meet your energy requirements.